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Eczema Journey

I have been where you are right now!

I tried all the creams, lotions, and steroids...with no success!

As a first time mom I was completely lost as to what was causing my at the time 4 month olds skin issues. I didn't even know what eczema was at the time. We had her allergy tested, she saw a dermatologist, and she had reflux. To me, something just didn't seem right. Little did I know the journey I was about to partake on. 

When I say I understand your pain, I truly do. My daughter's eczema was throughout her body. She scratched, didn't sleep and just itched all day. I learned through several integrative and functional medicine 
doctors that the GUT was the key. Her gut was destroyed and we needed to heal it. It all started to make sense, which is why I went back to school to learn how I can keep mothers from suffering like I did. Please know you are not alone. Let's work together so you can start sleeping better knowing your little won't scratch their skin off at night. 

Scientist on Tablet

GI Map Stool Test

We will determine what is going on in your gut health by completing a DNA based stool test. The GI Map stool is a very comprehensive stool analyzing test that will give me a complete picture of the types of bacteria in your gut, inflammation markers, if you have dysbiosis or if you have pathogens like fungi or parasites. 

MRT Food Sensitivity Testing

Second, we will determine what foods may be causing more harm than good. Some foods while the gut is suffering with dysbiosis can actually be doing more harm to your gut lining. We will test to see what foods you are reacting to, remove them and work on sealing the gut at the same time. 

Blood Test
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Protocol Development

After we receive the test kit results, then I will develop a in thorough protocol to include lifestyle, dietary and supplements. Sometimes supplements are really key in healing and sealing the gut lining. The whole process takes a few months to really see changes in your gut  and skin health. 

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Happy Smiles!

After many grueling months of determining and learning how to work on my daughter's gut, she is now a happy healthy toddler, who enjoys most of her fruits and vegetables! We have always tried to talk to her and tell her what is going on with her skin so she can learn herself and understand. I think having that open line of communication helps her communicate to us when she may feel itchy.  

My Happy Clients

"Her face hasn't been this clear without steroids since before her eczema started at 2 months."

JM, Client Testimonial

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