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Flax Seeds and The Gut Health Connection

There is a lot going on with our guts these days: from digestive distress to leaky gut syndrome, candida overgrowth, and other fun stuff like irritable bowel syndrome…

Okay, maybe not so fun.

Flax seeds are one of the things that you can utilize to keep and maintain ongoing optimal gut health. Flax seeds are a healthy, inexpensive find that can be used in various ways. Whether you're looking for some new dishes to try or want to add an extra boost of fiber and omega-3s to your diet, flax seeds have got you covered!

As one of the richest sources of plant-based Omega 3's, flaxseeds also contain lignans which have been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. What are some easy ways to incorporate these little powerhouses into your day? Try sprinkling them over oatmeal with fresh fruit on top for breakfast or adding them as an ingredient in a hearty soup for lunch. In addition, they can also be ground up and sprinkled over salads or added into smoothies.

Let’s take a look at one delicious flax seed recipe that will remind you of your childhood enjoying creamsicles on a hot summer day…

Orangesicle Smoothie

Serves 1


· 1 cup dairy-free milk

· 1 large orange, peeled and deseeded

· 1 scoop vanilla plant-based protein powder

· ½ banana, frozen

· 1 tablespoon coconut oil

· handful of ice cubes

· 2 tablespoons ground flax seeds

Directions: Add all the ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth, then serve.

The benefits of flax seeds for gut health are plentiful. In fact, the omega-3 fatty acids in these tiny seeds can help to heal a leaky gut thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. They also contain important minerals like magnesium and potassium, which work together with calcium to help regulate muscle contractions and blood flow throughout the body. These little guys pack a powerful punch!

Maintaining optimal gut health is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. Flax seeds are one way to help keep your digestive system running smoothly, while also providing you with some key nutrients that can improve overall wellness. I highly recommend adding this tasty seed into your diet on a regular basis for the best benefits!


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